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Real Estate

The real estate division of The Goodnight Group has been intricately involved in all facets of the real estate industry; including the purchasing, sub-dividing, rehabilitation, ground-up construction, development and management of all projects. 


Past Goodnight Group projects have included land tracts, ranches, industrial properties, retail properties, office buildings, and hospitality projects.


As a fully integrated real estate company, The Goodnight Group’s objective of continued property appreciation through high-quality, in-house asset management has remained consistent for over 10 years. 


The most differentiating factor between The Goodnight Group and other asset or portfolio managers is to operate as an owner. The company’s view and practice are operational; asset management is not a separate function, but part of our daily management process.


Additionally, all of The Goodnight Group’s new properties are built to meet qualifications for LEED certification, and any upgrades to existing buildings are further designed to meet LEED specifications.


We have successfully connected governments, private corporations, state-owned contractors and financial institutions for more than 7 years.


Achieved using the utmost efficacious firms within Goodnight Group management, the following EPC projects have efficiently reached fruition under our guidance: power plants, harbors, refineries, drilling, terminals, WG&S contracts, pipelines, wells, LNG facilities, chemical plants, ports, water/wastewater plants, mining, drudges, hydroelectric systems, highways, airports, bridges, railways and high-speed transport systems.

Through the use of state owned banks and private institutions, we have been able to introduce various financing methods.  In some cases, we are capable of offering 100% project financing, but 70-85% is typical for most projects.  The president of the appropriate EPC and financial institutions will issue official LOI’s and finance options within days of Goodnight Group’s project evaluation, introduction, and approval.


Our energy operations are primarily focused on using unique and unconventional discovery and development techniques for all onshore natural gas and oil field operations within the United States, Asia, and South America. 


We have directed a significant portion of our technological and leasehold acquisition expertise to identify, secure and commercialize new unconventional liquid-rich plays. Our oil and gas services include geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering, production engineering and drilling engineering.


While still a small fraction of Goodnight Group operations, our logistics company is steadily growing. We do not broker logistic services, but we are pleased to refer trusted operators. All of our trucks run full time to committed lanes and are rarely available. 


When acquiring your own aircraft or growing your commercial fleet there are many critical considerations to be made, most importantly is a careful evaluation of what the aircraft’s mission will be, as well as the budget requirements. The Goodnight Group’s years of experience working in the aviation industry allows its agents to offer vital guidance through all stages of this decision-making process.


Aircraft Sales

The Goodnight Group’s existing inventory, coupled with our international network of unpublished available aircraft, vests us the power of facilitating the sale or purchase of all commercial, business, military and private aircraft. 


Aircraft leasing

Our expansive inventory and network afford us the ability to offer premium aircraft on operating lease, lease purchase and ACMI.


The Goodnight Group’s Commodity division is an active participant 

across a wide spectrum of global energy markets; including, crude oil and refined petroleum products, natural gas (including LNG), power, coal, biodiesel, vegetable oils and carbon emissions.


In addition to its trading core, The Goodnight Group has upstream and downstream partnership assets in North and South America.  We are committed to trading and operational excellence with an exceptional track record of risk management and financial sponsorship.


A significant component of our success is credited to having strong corporate structure while maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit of seeking tailor-made and flexible business solutions. 


The Goodnight Group Investment Division has provided start-up and growth capital to emerging companies for over a decade.


Our team has both funded and operated a variety of private and public companies in all capacities while lending our experience earned through many years of project cultivation.  It is this guidance that sets our investments apart, thus playing a critical role in overcoming the strategic, management and financial obstacles that many businesses struggle to overcome on their own.  


We are aggressively seeking all operating and future build midstream energy opportunities with a specific focus on pipelines, gathering, terminals, storage, and distribution.


The Goodnight Group is a privately owned company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2001, The Goodnight Group rapidly outgrew its original focus of energy commodity trading. Since its inception, The Goodnight Group’s business endeavors have become increasingly diversified. Currently, oil field development, private and government aviation, early-stage capital, defense, midstream energy, and commercial real estate development have all become integral divisions of our business.

The founder of the Goodnight Group is a relative of Charles Goodnight, one of the most renowned ranchers in US History. More info can be found here

The Goodnight Group is a privately owned company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2001, The Goodnight Group rapidly outgrew its original focus of energy commodity trading. Since its inception, The group’s business endeavors have become increasingly diversified. Currently, oil field development, private and government aviation, early-stage capital, defense, midstream energy, downstream processing, and commercial real estate development have all become integral divisions of our business. The founder of The Goodnight Group is David Goodnight, a resident of Austin, TX, who is a relative of Charles Goodnight, one of the most renowned ranchers and Texas rangers in US History. More info on Charlie can be found here. David is also the founder of Comnet International

2024 DEALS

  1. US Pipeline, Storage & VLCC Export Facilities $1.3b

  2. Greenfield US Gulf Coast Refinery Permit $1b (170,000bpd)

  3. US Tank Fabrication Business $40mm (closed)

  4. Caribbean Energy Terminal $250mm (closed)

  5. LNG Floating Regasification Terminal $550mm (India) 

  6. Multiple Government Affordable Housing Projects $400mm+ (Africa & India) 

  7. Onshore Gov Awarded Oil & Gas Block $250mm (Asia, 150mmbbls Recoverable)

  8. Phase 2 of 540MW Coal Thermal Plant $300mm+ (Asia)

  9. (4) 24MW Hydropower Plants $35mm Per Facility (Asia)

  10. Asia Based Airline Seeking Lease Options for 5+ Aircraft Airline (closed)

  11. Multiple Government Supported Water Desalination & Solar Contracts Available

  12. Aerospace & Defense Opportunities Available Upon Request

  13. New 1,000 Meter Sea Frontage Container & Bulk Port (Asia)

  14. (15) Aircraft (737, Dornier, & ATR) Airline for Sale $70mm (closed)

  15. Sugar-to-Ethanol Facility with Supermajor Offtake contract $400mm (Mexico)

  16. 1.7mm Refined Products Storage Terminal $275mm (closed)

  17. Passenger & Cargo Airport with MinFin Guarantee $400mm (closed)

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